Looking to sell your car for some quick cash or maybe upgrade vehicles? Even if you’re not buying from us, you can still sell us your car! Our free appraisals take about less than 30 minutes and we will buy most cars no matter the age or condition. We’ll buy it from you for cash or maximize the value by trading it in! 

Call 419-841-3620 to set up an appointment or get a free estimate online by clicking here.


1. Bring Your Car To Joe's Autos

We need to see what we're buying! Drive  
(or tow) over to 3538 N Holland Sylvania in  
Toledo, OH 43615 to start the process.  
No appointment necessary but if you'd like  
to schedule one, call 419-841-3620.

2. Inspection

Each car has it's own unique history and state 
of being, so our expert appraiser will take 
5 to 10 minutes to check yours out so we can
give you a fair offer.

3. Research

While our appraiser is checking out your car,  
you will sit down with one of our friendly staff 
members. Together, we'll look at various 
websites, such as KBB, NADA, etc. 
These websites will allow you 
and Joe's Autos to get on the same page 
aboutthe fair value of your vehicle! 

4. Decision

Once we've gathered all the facts and our 
appraiser has checked out your vehicle,  
we'll give you our best offer, which valid for 7 days.